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Single-cut aspirator

The newly added aspiration system combines stainless venturis with a built-in kill box and airlock.  This system takes the three product drops from the bottom of the shaker deck and uses a laminar column of air to separate the shell fragments from the meat fragments.  The resulting clean meats fall into the sanitary bins (blue) while the trash and shell fragments are caught in the buckets hanging from the airlocks.

Three lexan windows on each aspirator allow you to see what is going on inside the kill box and adjust your airflow for maximum effect.  The airlocks are designed with easily replaceable polyethylene blades for quick and cost-effective seasonal maintenance.

240 Volt AC, 1 phase, can be upgraded to 110 volt and variable speed.

Requires 4,000 cfm blower @ 9" SP which is not included.  A 10hp blower with bag house is available, see link below.

aspirator 3.JPG
aspirator 4.PNG

Note:  The aspiration in this video is not working at full efficiency because an adequate blower was not hooked up.