mobile shelling plant

Manufactured by Jessee Equipment Manufacturing as a mobile showcase, the heart of this shelling plant is the Jessee Shelling Trailer.  The sheller has a capacity of 500+ pounds of walnuts per hour and includes a variety of shaker screens for different varieties, grades, and sizes of nut.

The Shelling Trailer features all of the high-quality equipment you would expect from Jessee Equipment Manufacturing, but it was used as a technology demonstration unit for several years with simple catch buckets under each of the material outputs.  The system was great for performing test runs on different varieties of nuts, but it was not configured for easy and consistent throughput.

We configured the trailer for semi-permanent installation with heavy duty outriggers, infeed conveyors, additional aspirators on the shaker deck, and a sanitary sorting belt at the output of the main aspirator.

The result is a steady output of high-quality meats in a system that is easy to set up, and easy to run.